Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Our Hot water extraction system cleans right to the base of the carpet fibre removing dirt, dust, pollen and dust mites. We have it all, from plant based cleaning solutions to the toughest grease cutting, soil breaking chemicals available. We can safely remove Tar, Paint, Grease, ink, wine, soft drinks, and just about anything else that finds it’s way on to your carpet. We have the sweetest smelling deodorisers and use the NHS award winning sanitizer that is carpet and fabric safe, PH neutral and still outperforms bleach by a considerable margin.

Cleantech is an independant, Owner / Operated business. This means lower prices for the consumer and allows us to source cleaning solutions from all the worlds top suppliers in comparison to a franchise company using only one. My minum charge is a very fair 50 euros which covers most average size rooms with extra rooms at a discount price. I can stay flexible, Fair and open to negotiation.

A professional carpet cleaning company will be able to carry out all or at least most of the seven recognised methods of carpet cleaning if they are required or if you request them. Shop around but compare like for like. are you really hiring a professional? and are they insured and compliant.

Cleantech is NCCA trained and TACCA approved. This means all equipment is state of the art, we are fully insured and operate to a strict code of practice: PAS 86. Why should you settle for anything less? Carpet cleaning is not rocket science! but is science at the same time.

We don’t just clean your carpet we care for it and ensure it is left PH neutral after cleaning. We have the system and solution for every situation.  Try us, we are a 100% Local family business in Limerick and are both passionate and serious about what we do.